//The Top 5 Best Car Maintenance Apps for Your Ford Vehicle

The Top 5 Best Car Maintenance Apps for Your Ford Vehicle

There are countless car maintenance apps available to download on your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device.These five car maintenance apps for your Ford vehicle are some of the most useful options on the market to help you take better care of your car, save money on maintenance and gas expenses, and improve your driving experience as a whole.

1. RepairPal

RepairPal helps you manage your car maintenance expenses by making sure you never get overcharged for services and repairs again. Many dealerships and independent repair shops alike tend to ramp up their prices for basic maintenance with the assumption that their customers won’t think to question them.
Without the help of RepairPal, avoiding these scams requires intensive, time-consuming research to find out estimates for how much various dealerships and repair shops in your area charge for specific services and determine a fair price range for the maintenance your car needs. RepairPal saves you time and energy by reviewing average prices for car maintenance in your area and giving you an estimate of how much you should expect to pay for specific services. It even awards certain trustworthy, fairly-priced repair shops a RepairPal certification that makes it easy for you to find the most cost-effective quality repair shops in your area.
In addition to helping you find the best place to get your car serviced, RepairPal also helps you troubleshoot your car’s problems before you take it in for service. The app helps you identify the problem and learn more about it so you can be better informed about what’s going on with your car and what repairs it might need before you head to your local dealership or auto repair shop.

2. Car Minder

It can be tough to remember when to take your car in to get scheduled service, but falling behind on your car’s recommended maintenance schedule can cause permanent damage to your vehicle.
Car Minder helps you remember when it’s time to take your car in for basic tune-up services. All you have to do is enter the information from your car’s recommended maintenance schedule—which you can find in its official manual—one time only. From then on, Car Minder keeps track of this service schedule and lets you know when to schedule an appointment for an oil change, tire rotation, etc.

3. Waze

Waze is a navigation app that helps you monitor and maintain your gas expenses. Even though its primary focus is navigation, Waze is a multi-functional app that can help you use your car and its fuel as efficiently as possible.
In terms of car maintenance, Waze’s most important function is helping you make the most of your car’s fuel efficiency. This app is community-driven and accepts real-time updates from users regarding road construction, heavy traffic, car accidents, traffic cops, current gas prices, etc. Waze then uses this information to calculate the most efficient, cost-effective route for you to take to get to your destination. It also helps you find the most affordable gas along your route if needed.

4. Openbay

Openbay makes it easy to schedule maintenance appointments for your car and keep track of its maintenance history. It helps you find the best place to get your car serviced by comparing estimates for the maintenance you need among repair shops in your area.
Once you find a reputable, cost-effective repair shop, you can schedule and even pay for your maintenance appointment through the Openbay app. Openbay features a secure payment system that makes it easy for you to schedule a service appointment and pay for it at the same time directly from your smartphone or other mobile device. When you schedule your car maintenance appointments using Openbay, the app automatically tracks the services you’ve scheduled for your car to help you keep a detailed, accurate record of your vehicle’s maintenance history.

5. Augmented Driving

If your car was designed more than one or two years ago, it’s probably missing some of the newest high-tech safety features that are only built into the most recent car models. These safety features help improve your driving experience by reducing your stress the road. They also help you avoid collisions, which can save your car from damage and your wallet from the cost of expensive repairs.
Augmented Driving helps you take advantage of the modern technology that has made high-tech safety features possible in newly released cars without actually buying a brand new vehicle. It uses visual data from your smartphone or tablet’s camera to monitor the road and cars around you and warn you accordingly as you drive. Its most notable safety features include front collision warnings and lane departure warnings. You can also program speed warnings into this app that help you monitor your speed to avoid accidents and speeding tickets.

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