//Which Ford Truck is Right for Me?

Which Ford Truck is Right for Me?

Picking the right Ford truck to suit your needs depends on what purpose you will be using your truck for. They have many different models to chose from designed for different jobs. Purchasing too much truck will not be cost effective while buying a truck that is not large enough for your intended needs will leave you disappointed and unsatisfied. This takes nothing away from Ford, you just have to choose the right truck that fits your needs for now and the future.

Ford Ranger

The Ranger is a new return to the United States market this year. It is a mid-size model that comes with either a two or four door option. Even though it is a mid-size truck, it has the power and capacity to compete with some of the larger size trucks. Featuring a 4 cylinder turbocharged engine linked to a 10 speed transmission, you will have a combination of both power and economy. There are many great standard and optional equipment available to outfit the Ranger to your liking.

The Ford Ranger has a 7500 pound towing capacity with 4 wheel drive so it will tow campers and boats easily without the worry of getting stuck. The hauling capacity is over 1800 pounds, which places it close to a ton. It can be outfitted with many different high tech gadgets, including WIFI that can can connect up to 10 devices. The Ranger is a great choice for an overall mid-size truck that is easy to park, gets great fuel mileage, and will perform like a truck.

Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 has been a best selling truck for Ford for many years due to the dependability and quality. It has a great ride and good handling featuring many different power options. It can be outfitted with many different trim packages deigned from a basic work truck to a hopped up Raptor version that would feel at home on a drag strip.

The basic V6 engine is fuel injected and gets good mileage with plenty of power and capacity for towing and hauling. There is still the dependable V8 version for those loving the sound that only they can emit. Ford has also added the turbo powered V6 and a diesel model for 2019. With a standard 6 speed transmission and optional 10 speed available on other models, you will be surprised at the fuel mileage this truck receives. Towing capacity ranges from around 8000 pounds to well over 11000 pounds. You also have the option of either 2 or 4 wheel drive.

Ford F-250

This Ford truck is built for the long ride. It is a big truck that makes a great daily driver with comfort and handling that compares with a luxury car. This is a truck that you can drive for long distances without being fatigued. With the available diesel package, you will get decent fuel mileage, great acceleration, ant the ability to tow over 30000 pounds. This truck will tow large horse trailers, big boats, as well as giant campers. Ford’s F-250 is a great choice for long distance traveling while pulling a trailer.

Ford F-350

As far as pickup trucks go, this one is fairly large. The interior is big and well laid out with plenty of storage inside the cab. It can be equipped with 2 and all wheel drive with an available dual wheel system for the rear. This is a truck designed for heavy duty work and towing. It comes with many different packages which can double the base price. You can choose between a gas engine or a powerful diesel that puts out an awesome 925 pounds of torque.

It has great handling for its size with ride comfort also being a big plus. With a truck of this size, parking will be a down side that you will have to contend with. This truck is made for work and will handle just about any job you require it to do.

Ford F450

This truck is available in only one body package, a 4 door crew cab with all wheel drive and dual rear wheels. This is a heavy duty truck that has a sole purpose of being a truck. The ride is stiffer than other models due to its beefed up suspension which is built to haul heavier loads. It also is rated for towing upwards of 30000 pounds with a fifth wheel package installed.

It also has many high tech options available that improves driving safety as well as luxury packages like leather seats with built in massaging. Some of the safety features include stability control, integrated braking for trailers, and sway control for large trailers.

Choosing the Ford truck comes down to the work involved. Ford has a model which will be right for you.

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