//9 Reasons why the Ford Fusion is the Right Car for You

9 Reasons why the Ford Fusion is the Right Car for You

Getting a new car is exciting. The new car smell, the wheels, the interior, how it handles on your test-drive and all the places it will take you. It’s all exciting. Picking the right car can be a bit daunting though.

If you are thinking Ford Fusion, you definitely know your cars. If not, then you are on track to probably making the best car-purchase decision you have ever made.
Why the Ford Fusion? Read on.

1. Cargo capacity

Junk space is often a significant consideration when buying a car. With the Ford Fusion, this is well taken care of. The trunk has 16cubic feet of space. The opening between the folded-down backseats and the trunk is also quite huge, allowing you to pack objects through the trunk door easily. Whether you need to carry your golfing equipment or gym wear or children’s accessories and toys, this car will complement your lifestyle.

2. Fuel economy

The negative impact of fuel consumption on the environment is no longer debatable. At the end of the day, conservation comes down to an individual level regarding the little decisions each person can take to reduce their carbon footprint. If you want to go green, without compromising on performance and luxury, Ford is the place to start.

Ford Motor Company has put a lot of effort behind making cars that are friendly on your pocket and the environment. This model is proof of that. The 2018 hybrid version leads the pack in city and highway driving, with the gas version not far behind. And with good reason. The hybrid maintains 41 mpg on the highway and an astounding 43mpg in the city. The gas version averages 17 and 23 mpg respectively. This literally puts money back in your pocket which is quite impressive. Going green never seemed so easy.

3. Silence is golden

At high speeds, most mid-sized cars will have a substantial amount of vibration and noise. Fords engineers have included superior noise dampening where it matters most. Aside from road and wind noise, you will hear minimal vibration noise when cruising.

4. Interior space

Nothing beats a roomy car. The Ford 2018 has tonnes of room. The front seat space has 39inches of headroom and 44 inches of legroom and 38inches of legroom and headspace in the backseat. You have enough room to take long road trips without feeling like you had to contort your body uncomfortable for hours.

Hey, it’s not the destination, but the journey that matters.

5. Full package upgrades

Car upgrades can make your driving experience more enjoyable and depending on the upgrade, even safer. Truth be told, at times, cars offer unnecessary upgrades whose functionality is not good value for money. Not with this Ford model though.

• The Driver -Assist package, for example, is excellent for people who panic under pressure.

• If your state gets extremely cold, you can consider getting the cold weather package with heated seats.

• For people who love their music loud and powerful, the technology package with features like the premium 11 audio speaker has you covered.

This car covers it all from extra safety to pure leisure.

• Automatic high beam control and automatic wipers.

• The appearance package offers an optional rear spoiler and upholstery.

6. The seats

In one word? Sophisticated. And you have choices here too. You can go for the durable padded cloth seats or quilted and perforated leather trim.

Whatever compliments your lifestyle. The headrests adjust perfectly to offer maximum support to your head and neck. Nothing is left to chance. This Ford car also boasts has a 6-way manually adjustable driver’s seat and 4-way manually adjustable passenger’s seat.

7. Excellent handling

As with all Ford cars, this unit has great suspension, coupled with a solid chassis to ensure it handles well even on rougher roads. To complement that, it also has advanced technology that enhances grip.

Again, you will find that it has a CCD system that uses 12 sensors to read the road. For example, it can detect potholes and adjust shock absorbers to reduce the impact felt by passengers. A smooth ride is an understatement.

8. Superior braking capacity

The right car for you must be able to stop quickly and efficiently when required. After all, your life could depend on it. You want a car that can go from 60 miles an hour to a complete stop within 120 feet. A car that can brake to multiple speeds in traffic.
This exactly what you get with this model. Smooth, effective and seamless braking.

9. Numerous Trim options

This car comes in 5 trim options:

• The base model, Fusion S: comes with a 2.5 liter, 4-cylinder engine, and 175 horsepower.

• The Fusion SE has the same engine but with added interior technological features and larger wheels.

• The Titanium has even more technological features, and 2.0 engine and 240 horsepower.

• The platinum is similar to the Titanium but boasts of a power-adjustable steering wheel.

• The V6 sport, this monster has a 345 horsepower and turbocharged V6 engine.

There you have it. Spacious, sophisticated, stylish, performance. Everything on this car is designed with your comfort and lifestyle in mind. Great for you, great for the environment and extra easy on the road.

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