//What Can You Tow With a Ford Edge?

What Can You Tow With a Ford Edge?

The 2018 Ford Edge SEL can help you transport heavy cargo to various destinations without any hassle because it’s designed with practical hardware that has an ideal towing capacity. The engine is the main component that makes general towing jobs simple for the Edge. On the road, the standard 2.0-liter Ecoboost engine can generate 245 horsepower and 275 lb-ft torque. If you upgrade to the 2.7-liter engine, you’ll have opportunities to tow heavier cargo. The upgraded engine is powerful and has the ability to produce 315 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque while pulling bulky items. Both engines are reliability and can help the Edge successfully tow a variety of consumer products.

A Boat

You can tow a boat using the 2018 Ford Edge SEL if the boat’s hardware doesn’t surpass the vehicle’s 2000 pound weight limit. An average trailer weighs 1,200 pounds, and the gear on a boat weighs nearly 600 pounds. This means that you’ll have to pick your boat and trailer wisely in order to stay under the Edge’s towing weight limit. If you need help selecting a suitable boat that’s lighter than a trailer, you’ll benefit from investing in one of the following products:

An inflatable kayak: An inflatable kayak can be towed very easily with the Ford Edge. Although the kayak’s frame is filled with air, the housing is very dense and strong. This means that the boat won’t damage if its frame smashes into obstacles on shore or in the water.
An aluminum boat: When compared to other types of boat materials, aluminum is the lightest option and is the best choice for a Ford Edge towing job. This material is 30 percent lighter than stainless steel and 20 lighter than polyester boat hardware.
A motor boat: If you want to tow a motor boat, you must consider the weight of the frame and the engine. The best material combination is aluminum as a vessel that has an aluminum frame and engine won’t make a trailer exceed the Ford Edge’s towing capacity.


On traditional roads and off-road trails, the Ford Edge performs well while towing an RV. However, in order to protect the Edge’s engine, you’ll have to tow an RV unit that’s under 2000 pounds. Then, you’ll need to keep the RV unit within this weigh range throughout an outdoor adventure by managing weigh in the cabin. Besides many people, the following things can gradually weigh down an RV cabin:

    Extra appliances
    Bulk food items

Mowing Equipment

If you want to transport your riding lawn mower to another neighborhood in order to cut grass on other properties, you can use the Edge because it can tow the equipment very easily. You won’t bypass the towing weight limit since a typical riding mower doesn’t weigh over 580 pounds. If needed, you could also load extra accessories on the trailer, such as multiple tanks of gas, various bottles of oil, and general maintenance tools. After all of these items are on the trailer, the Edge will pull everything without experiencing any performance problems on the road.

Major Appliances

By using proper mounting accessories, you can tow new or used major appliances on a trailer that’s attached to the Ford Edge. The following appliances can be towed with the Edge because they don’t exceed the vehicle’s towing limit.

A refrigerator: The heaviest fridges that are designed by major brands are around 400 pounds. Although a refrigerator is tall and sleek, it won’t wobble after its frame is secured on a trailer that’s towed by the Ford Edge. If the Edge rolls over a road hazard, its professional-grade shocks and springs will absorb the impact by distributing energy around the frame.
A washer: A washer weighs 150 to 200 pounds, so the Edge can transport this appliance without any hassle. While towing a washer with the Edge, the vehicle’s highly efficient suspension system will keep all of the vulnerable components underneath the appliance protected.
A dyer: A dryer also weighs up to 200 pounds, which means that you can tow a washer and a dryer together using the Ford Edge. On curvy roads, the Edge’s practical handing capability will keep the drum within the dryer stable.

Off-Road Equipment

Thanks to the powerful engine hardware, the process of towing an off-road vehicle with the Edge isn’t complicated. By using a proper trailer, the Ford Edge can tow a

ATV: An ATV can weigh up to 750 pounds, so you must choose an ATV vehicle option wisely based on the weight of your trailer. If you keep the overall weight for both items underneath 2000 pounds, you’ll reach your destination without decreasing the Ford Edge’s gas mileage.
UTV: A typical UTV is heavier than an ATV. However, the Edge can tow this off-road vehicle if you implement tactical weight management procedures.
Dirt bike: Although a dirt bike is a small off-road accessory, it can weigh up to 200 pounds. If you pick a lightweight trailer and strong, supportive mounting pieces, you can tow one bike or multiple bikes without any issues.

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