//Sneak Peek: 2020 Ford F-Series

Sneak Peek: 2020 Ford F-Series

Are you looking to sneak a quick look at the 2020 Ford F-Series 150 Super duty pickup? A photographer recently snapped some photos of two paper-wrapped 2020 Ford F150 models at a building site: A standard size 250 pickup with a crew cab and a dually Super Duty 450 model with a standard cab.

Ford is gearing up for a change of the exterior and an overhaul of the engines because both Chevy and Dodge are planning new updates in this truck category in 2020. Rumors have it that Ford will introduce an all-new drive-train to wow the truck-buying audience. A new exterior tweak will visually alter it if not completely set it apart from its predecessors.

So, what is coming in the new Ford F150 Super Duty in 2020?
The changes are coming in three areas:
The Exterior, in particular the the grill
The Cab Configuration
The Drive Train

Ford’s radical front-end design featuring a muscular double bar beaming across the grill and strongly influencing the shape of the headlights has been modified for a tamer looking grill. This change will likely be reflected across the line of F150s because the new grill is present on both papered-up vehicles in the photos. This isn’t a complete body makeover. The truck’s suspension still gives it the same high profile. Even while keeping the truck’s basic dimensions, the finished product looks as boxy as the current version with little or no changes in the body. The new nose will definitely communicate that this as a new Ford pickup if not a new generation.

F-Series New Grill

The new grill is sure to have fans and detractors. It’s distinctly different in that the bars don’t dominate the grill but appear to frame the Ford logo. This should dictate a new headlight look, and some believe that will cause a reinvention of the taillights as well. Is a more sculpted tailgate in the offing in the 2020 Ford 150 Super Duty?

F-Series Cab Options

Because the photography of the 2020 F150 has exposed two models, some conclusions have been made. The first one is that the front end changes will probably be echoed down the lineup. The other conclusion that’s been reached is that the F150 Super Duty model has been identified by its dually wheels and wheelbase as a 450 model. To date, it has only been available with a crew cab to the public. Some have speculated that the standard cab is only available in a 450 medium-duty commercial truck, so a standard cab offered to the public is an exciting development. Does this mean that the Ford 150 Super Duty’s pitch to RV trailer haulers will continue with the 2020 models? It makes sense when you consider the extraordinary trailer package made available in 2018.

The Drive Train

As rumors spread about updating the engine options in the lineup, one reason Ford would put in a bigger engine would be to enhance its towing capabilities. It could be that horsepower or torque upgrades in rivals Chevy Silverado and Dodge Ram are fueling a change in engine lineup as well and that suggests that Ford is feeling the pressure there too. The rumors suggest that an upgraded F150 version will increase horsepower and torque from the current 384 hp and 421 lb-ft to something more like 400 hp and 500 ft-lbs of torque in the current V8 and turbodiesel V8. The highly regarded diesel V8 will increase its torque to 950 ft- lbs of torque. That should keep Ford even with their main rivals if not on top.

While most F150s have received the new 10-speed automatic transmission in Ford trucks and similar models at GM, the Super Duty has not been fitted with one. Look for it in the 2020 F150 model. Why the obsession with the fuel economy the new ten-speed transmission brings? Ford is probably trying to bring their vehicles in line with government regulations. That’s perhaps the reason the two car companies put their heads together over a transmission design and production in the first place when most people didn’t think it possible. Increasing the fuel economy of the F150 Super Duty is a good idea.

It’s too bad the photographers who took pictures of the papered-up Ford 150s didn’t take a look inside, or maybe they did and found little interesting. The Ford 150’s interior is the place that needs an upgrade to something more expensive. Whatever, Ford isn’t going to roll their vehicles out until close to the date they’re scheduled to arrive in showrooms in late 2019, but the Ford F-Series F150 is supposed to put in an appearance at the 2019 North American International Auto Show in January.

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