//2019 Ford Mustang: Loud and Proud

2019 Ford Mustang: Loud and Proud

The power is available on the new Ford Mustang. Rev up the engine and be prepared to indulge in a full-on sports car experience. The sound of the V8 engine is unmistakable. Revving the RPM’s up past 6000 brings this latest version of the Coyote 5.0 liter V8 to life.


The Mustang was thoroughly revamped last year. However, 2019 has brought some different features to the table. The new Mustang’s style has stayed true to the form that its drivers have come to love over the years. The metallic black honeycomb grill is in place along with the scoped hood. The headlights were fully redesigned last year making them LED on both trims. The daytime running lights have a 3D layer look. All GTs have LED turn signals and LED fog lights. The side of the Mustang has and all around classic muscle car appearance.

The rear is classic Mustang featuring the black painted center part with the GT logo in the middle. A small spoiler is in place on the standard GT. However, a much larger one is available on the performance package. The LED tail lights have sequential turn signals. The GT Mustang 5.0 shares the same base wheels as the EcoBoost models. However, there are many other choices for those who want something bigger. Wheel variations include the blacked-out 19 inch, something shiny such as the 19 inch alloys, or the 20 inch premium painted alloys.

The breaks are painted red in the front and rear with 6-piston 15 inch Brembos that come with the performance package. The mirrors are basic with heating and blind spot capabilities. The Blind Spot Monitoring System has been moved to the 401 A package for 2019. This will cost an additional $2,200. The Safe and Smart package includes automatic emergency braking, lane keeping assist, auto high beams, adaptive cruise control and rain sensing wipers. Such features are not common in most muscle cars. The Mustang has a 16 gallon fuel tank. The fuel ranges are 304 Mi with the automatic and 288 Mi on the manual model.

Interior, Design Tech and Amenities

Every Mustang GT comes with Ford’s smart entry system. The automatic transmission features the remote control start option. Entry to the Ford Mustang is made easy by sensors on the inside of the door handle that unlock up on touch. The interior is available in a lot of different colors and materials. The basic model features cloth while the GT Premium comes in leather. The colors schemes are ebony, ceramic or tan. The 401 A package upgrades the leather to a high quality with the additional options of red or blue.

The door is finished in the same materials as the rest of the cabin. There’s leatherette through the armrest with color contrast stitching. Both windows are one-touch automatic up and down. All models come with a 6-way power adjusting seat with a two-way lumbar. The back part is always manually adjusted. The upper dash is soft touch plastic with stitching. The entire middle portion is either full aluminum or the stand-alone option of full carbon fiber for $1,195. All lower areas are padded and the rest is hard touch and very solid.

There is a push button start to the GT Mustang. Pushing the button lights up the display that comes in an 8 inch touch screen, which is on the GT Premium, or a small 4.2 in non-touch display. Standard gauges are featured in the majority of the 2019 Mustangs. However, there is a 12 inch display that comes with the 401 A package. The steering wheel has the traditional Mustang look and is leather-wrapped. There are buttons on the wheel that control audio and automatic adaptive cruise control. The button controls on the steering wheel are for the gauge display and phone voice command. The steering wheel is manual tilt and telescoping. There’s also a option for heating.

The Mustang has a deep center console. It features a 12-volt outlet and a USB port. In the front there is another storage area featuring a USB port and 12-volt outlet. When in reverse all Mustangs have a standard backup camera with backup trajectory and parking sensors. The dual automatic climate control is standard on the GT Premium. There are also three stage heatinhigh-qualitystage ventilation seats. The standard 9 speaker audio system on the GT Premium is equipped for high quality sound effect.

Occupant Opulence and Cargo

The rear seats of the Mustang are accessible by a small lever on the back of the front seats. The passengers are then able to slide the seat forward with the control button. There’s 29 inches of legroom and 34.8 inch of headroom in the rear seating area. The rear seats are bucket seats making them as comfortable as possible. The passenger area features a surprising amount of cargo space in the rear the Mustang. The trunk is 13.5 cubic feet on the Coupe model and 11.4 cubic feet on the Convertible. The rear seats also fold forward for extra space. The spare tire is a stand-alone option.

Last year Ford decided to do a refresh of the Ford Mustang product lineup. Consumers appreciate the slight changes made to the front, back and interior of the vehicle. The different entities are coming together to make the Mustang and even more all-around polished sports car. Contact us to see it for yourself!

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