//Should I Get An Extended Warranty For My Ford F-150?

Should I Get An Extended Warranty For My Ford F-150?

Protecting Your Investment With Ford Extended Plans

Your Ford F-150 came packaged with some of the most state of the art, impressive tech and muscle ever put into a pickup truck. The base model alone was packaged with a 290 horsepower 3.3-liter V-6 engine that gives you the grit and muscle you’d expect from a Ford pickup. To protect that engine, and all of the many components of your F-150, you might want to consider getting a Ford Extended plan. This is 100% Ford Motor Company backed and approved, and it’s going to give you a warranty unlike any other third party warranty you’d pick up. Nobody knows the Ford F-150 like Ford themselves, so when you go to grab an extended warranty, make sure it’s one of the four amazing plans offered by Ford itself.

Four Types Of Ford Extended Warranty

The primary advantage of a Ford-backed plan is that you’re never going to have to endure aftermarket parts that were never meant to go into your F-150. And your coverage won’t suffer or fail to cover what it should because you’ll always get certified, Ford-backed OEM parts in your F-150. Most F-150 owners take a considerable amount of pride in the Ford brand – as they should – so it’s nice to know that any of these Ford plans is only going to use official Ford parts.


Over 1,000 components of your F-150 are covered under this warranty, the most extensive plan of its kind offered by Ford. Naturally, you’ll want to review which parts are covered, but you can rest assured that this is the most comprehensive package you can get and you’ll want to consider it if only the best will do for your F-150.


If you don’t have all that many “tech” parts to your F-150 trim, then you might want to consider ExtraCARE. While it covers 113 components in comparison, it covers almost every non-tech part there is to cover. Safety, engine, and transmission components are covered, making you pretty secure under this plan.


84 components are covered under the base care plan, including some engine, transmission, and high tech components. It’s vital that you go to the official Ford page, or ask our dealer, about which components are covered. It could be that you want only certain parts covered under your warranty and aren’t willing to pay for extra. This is a good middle of the road package for people who want more but not everything.


For folks who are very keen on protecting their powertrain, this one is the one that you want to get. It covers 29 vital powertrain components that will keep your engine, transmission, and other powertrain components safe and sound under an extended plan. Many folks opt for this plan because it’s these components that tend to be the most costly when they go “out” or experience trouble.

Why Protect Your F-150

The most logical reason that people get extended plans like this is that they want to reduce the cost of repairs. Even a single engine repair, depending on how serious it is, can run you thousands of dollars. Compare that to the relatively small and tidy sum of an extended plan monthly payment and you feel very good about grabbing one of these plans. When the original warranty runs out, extending things gives you the opportunity to keep saving money on repairs and even maintenance depending on which plan you opt for.

Ford has one of the best extended plans in the business, if not the best. They know that your F-150 is going to work hard for you over the years and that it’s only natural you’d want to protect it as it ages. No matter what trim of F-150 you have or what color or what year, you can rest assured that one of Ford’s extended plans is going to keep your F-150 running safe and sound for many years to come, and it’s going to keep that truck running at a minimal cost compared to regular repair costs. As we all know, repair costs can quickly go through the roof when a truck reaches a certain age. With a great extended plan, you don’t have to worry about all that. You’ll quickly begin amassing savings just as soon as you need to use your plan.

And remember that Ford is really big on keeping its inventory out there on the road and running great. You won’t have to fight on claims with Ford. If it breaks, Ford fixes it with one of their extended plans. Because of these obvious advantages, we highly recommend getting a ford extended plan for your beloved Ford F-150 truck today.

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