//The 7 Perfect Holiday Gifts for the New Ford Owner in Your Life

The 7 Perfect Holiday Gifts for the New Ford Owner in Your Life

With the holidays approaching, it’s once again time to surprise the loved ones in your life with holiday gifts! One of the most stressful factors for shoppers at the holidays, though, is being able to buy the perfect gift for somebody you know. On one hand, you want to give them something that they’ll definitely like, but on another hand you want to be able to surprise them with something they might not be expecting.

Thankfully, those who have an automobile fan as a loved one have a variety of options—there are plenty of ways for you to find gifts that fall under the category of the company name but have a variety of different purposes. Whether you know someone who recently got their first Ford car or someone who is a tried-and-true fan of the manufacturer, you have many options.

To help you with your holiday gift decisions, we’ve made a list of our Top 7 Perfect Holiday Gifts for the New Ford Owner in Your Life!

F-150 Drinkware Set

If you know someone who really loves the F-150 models, you can get them this drinkware set for them to use in their car! This set comes with two 16 oz stainless steel containers, one a mug and the other a tumbler. They also come in two colors of silver and blue, making them a perfect gift to give someone who will often be driving with their spouse!

Genuine Parts Neon Clock

The spirit of the company doesn’t have to be limited to your car! This wonderful neon clock allows you to add the company touch to any part of your home—the sleek look modeled after the “genuine parts” logo will surely add a retro flare to any room.

Portable Folding Chair

This portable chair is made of pretty durable polyester with a steel frame that will keep it together in a wide variety of situations. One of our favorite benefits of this chair is the two cup holders it has, allowing you to multi-task no matter the situation. We particularly recommend this for anybody buying a gift for someone who likes sports, as it can be transported easily in your car and become an ideal tailgating chair.

TaylorMade Custom 4.0 Standing Golf Bag

If you’re looking to get a gift that is on the more expensive side of things, this TaylorMade Custom 4.0 Standing Golf Bag is perfect for the golfer in your life. This bag has a very elegant design involving a rich navy color that is accented by white, signifying the company’s iconic color scheme. It also has a place for you to place your umbrella, towel, shoulder strap, and even comes with 6 pockets! It’s also pretty easy to transport by using the durable carry handle.

Mustang Mountain Bike

The company also has their hand in a number of other types of transportation, and there’s no better way to introduce loved ones in your life to something new than getting them this Mustang Mountain Bike. It’s made of high-grade materials and also has an impressive 21-speed versatility. The brake system and sturdy wheels also make sure that you get a smooth ride no matter which terrain you’re riding on, something that is also a trademark of many of the company’s cars. This bike can be taken anywhere, making it a perfect fit for those who want to travel in areas that cars can’t reach!

Golf Umbrella

If you’re looking for another golf-centric gift that you can buy someone that isn’t on the expensive side of things, this Golf Umbrella is a great way to show somebody you love that you care about their automobile interests and their golf pursuits. This umbrella boasts an impressive 56″ arc and is perfect if you live in a place that might not have as consistent weather. Certainly ideal for places in which you’ll never know when it can rain!

Mustang 6th Generation Plaque & Frame

Those who are familiar with the Mustang know that it’s a car not to be taken lightly. Owning a Mustang is a symbol of comfort, showing that the person who owns the car does not mind spending extra money to make sure that they have a truly wonderful car. This level of luxury is something that Mustang owners often want to display, making this Mustang 6th Generation Plaque & Frame perfect for the Mustang owner in your life. It allows them to display their certificate in a smooth, black frame complete with the Mustang logo.

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